May 2015 – currently                                We R sports, Milton Keynes, UK  | Possition : 3D and 2D Graphic Designer

January 2013 – April 2015                        Freelancer, UK                                                                                                         

March 2011 – December 2012                  Firekom S.A.  , Poland | Possition : Project Manager, Senior Graphic/Level/Game Designer,

September 2007 – March 2011                 Firekom, Poland | Possition : Project Manager and Art Director, 3D Graphic Designer, Game designer

December 2004 – September 2005          Roland International, Poland | Possition : Commercial artist

1998 - November 2004                             Freelancer, Poland





I am a graphic designer, level designer and game designer. I am sry, I am NOT the web designer! :) Computer games, graphic design, music -  this is my passions. 

If I take part in the project primarily I appreciate the high level of creativity and ardor.






About me :

Professions : 3D modeler, graphic designer, project manager, art director, freelancer, environment artist, level designer, game designer.

Localization : London, UK

Favourite movies : Evil dead series, Jacob's ladder, The silence of the lambs, Donnie Darko, Inglorious bastards, Back to the future, Kick-Ass, The Shining, Sin City, Matrix, Leon, Star wars, Cast away, Gladiator, Underworld, Ghost rider, Clash of the Titans, Pirates of the Caribbean, 300, Lord of the rings, Pulp fiction, Zombieland, Cowboy bebop, Ghost in the shell and many, many others.

Favourite music : Rock, metal, blues and other, depends on the mood.

Favourite books : The witcher (whole saga), The Trial.





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